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Tips on Finding Healthy Beef Cattle

Once you decide you want to buy cattle, you will surely want to know how to best pick out a healthy cow as well as how to get them home safely and acclimated properly. Here are some tips on finding healthy beef cattle to help get you started:

  1. Prepare their new home in advance. Before you attempt to bring them home, make sure you have everything situated. Your cattle need ample grazing areas and you will want a good perimeter fence. We recommend either a six-strand high-tensile or, at least a 4-foot high woven wire fence. You will also need a strong pen or corral, a shelter, and clean loafing and eating areas.
  2. Make sure to only purchase healthy animals. You will want to make sure your beef cattle are alert without being wild. Look at their eyes and see if they are bright and clear with no discharge. Do not buy cattle with mucus coming out from the nose or if they have swollen legs or joints. These symptoms often lead to illness or infection, which can be passed to other cattle and possibly even humans. Check their breathing and it should be smooth and regular. They shouldn’t be coughing. Their body should be full and rounded and not shrunken or hollowed out. They should also be able to move around with a free and easy stride.
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